Friday, January 20, 2017

The One Where Sister Mindy Talks About Answers To Prayers

I love LOVE love Sister Adams.
She strengthens my testimony every. single. week. 
This is such a good email from our missionary. i hope you read it and i hope that these posts of her emails are inspiring you to love the Lord and those around you more. (at least that is what they do for me) 

also, i'm all caught up!!!! :) 
here is her January 15th email:

Feet High Fives

Hello everyone!

We had some interesting things go down in Tsing Yi this week! Haha, just kidding. It's been a pretty average week but still a good one. We went to church, taught some lessons, taught some Cantonese, taught some English, ate some delicious food (perks of having a native companion, she's incredible), and laughed A LOT.

We have a couple of really solid investigators that we are working with here in Tsing Yi. One is name Miki, she's an adorable 17 year old who is seriously one of the most prepared investigators that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is seriously so great. She's been meeting with the missionaries for about two years. A few months back, she dropped the missionaries and decided that she didn't want to meet with them or be a part of the church. It was really sad. Then, randomly in November, she calls the missionaries and needed help figuring out her life. She shared about how life has been incredibly hard since she stopped meeting with them, praying, reading, and going to church. She needed help figuring out what the missing piece was. She's been incredibly solid ever since! It reminds me of that talk, I think it's Elder Nielson from this last general conference, that talks about how people are ready to be taught when they are ready to be taught, not when we are ready to teach them. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer for it to sink in and for their heart to be ready to receive it. 

There's an Indian woman that we meet with, to help her learn Cantonese. It took a long time for her to start having interest in hearing about our message (about two months) but it's really interesting to meet with her because she's super open about her beliefs and it really encourages met o get back to the basics and figure out how to explain things simply and in ENGLISH (that's the hardest part. how am i supposed to TEACH in ENGLISH??). We're her first time learning about Christianity, she's tried a lot of other things but can't seem to find something that sticks and answers to all her questions. The Spirit is always super strong in our lessons with her and although she hasn't progressed too much YET, i've enjoyed meeting wit her because I get the opportunity to have my testimony strengthened by sharing with her the things that are so dear to me.

One question that has been brought a lot recently in the mission, by my investigators, by friends at home, and all over is about receiving answers from God. "I pray and ask Him all the time, but he hasn't answered my questions." "I can't come back to church, there's too many loose ends and too many unanswered questions." "God doesn't love me, He never answers me." "Why can't you just tell me the answer?". I hear these all the time. There's a talk that I really like from last October's General Conference called, "To Whom Shall We Go?" by Elder Ballard. I LOVE this talk! As i was studying on the subject of find answers i came across this line, "Sometimes we can learn, study and know and sometimes we have to believe, trust, and hope." I believe that God does not always give us ALL the answers right away because sometimes he needs to test our faith. Sometimes we need to learn to TRUST Him before He can reveal to us when we want to know. The other answer I found is from Bishop Dean M. Davies' talk from the same conference. He said, "...Spiritual experiences have less to do with what is happening around us and EVERYTHING to do with what is happening in our hearts.: So, my reply if people are not receiving answers is to figure out if you are really willing to act on the answer you are given and if you are really asking it with righteous intent. Everyone can have spiritual experiences, everyone can receive answers. It depends on you. Your faith, your heart, and your desire.

"Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you." I know that God answers prayers. Be patient and Trust Him. He's made His promises and He won't let you down.

I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Adams and her companions

"this is a picture of everything i've ever wanted out of life. An egg, bubble waffle with ice cream inside. Life doesn't get much better than that! ;)

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