Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The One Where Anything Can Be Made Out Of Bamboo

I only have 2 WEEKS to get all her emails on this blog! AHHHHH!!!

Here is her April 9th email:

General Conference and English Class miracle

Hello Everyone!

I feel like there's a ball of sunshine in my chest and I just can't contain it. THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!! Also, I loved General Conference this year. It was exactly the messages I needed to hear. If there is anybody who knows me, you know that the hymn "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" is one of my FAVORITE hymns and when Elder Holland broke it apart and talked about it, I was feeling some "hallelujahs" and "preach it!"s in my soul. The gospel is good and Jesus Christ is our Savior. He knows the songs that you cannot sing.

This week was a little bit of a struggle to get people to meet with us, so Sister Knapp and I ended up doing some finding. Less-active and street. Honestly not much success there, but then on Friday we had an awesome thing happen. We have this little girl that's been coming to our English class named, Amy. This Friday she decided to bring her older sister, Jamie. We had a chat with them after English class and Jamie expressed a lot of interest and was asking a lot of questions so we decided to invite them to come to General Conference on Sunday. They didn't show up and we were a bit bummed. Then, we got the prompting to call them and ask them to meet with us that night and they agreed! So, we hurried and called a member, then we taught them yesterday night. Jamie is super interested! It turns out that she remembers and member that used to go to her school but graduated about two years ago (this member just returned home from a mission). She remembers him getting awesome grades and her teachers talking about how he's going to serve a mission. She's always wondered about whether his grades and stuff had anything to do with his religion. She has lots of really great questions. I'm excited to see how she progresses. At the end of the lesson we asked her if she had any questions and she said, "I have so many! But i need to think about the things you have taught me already." So, we made an appointment to see her again soon.

I don't know if I have told you all this yet or not but in Hong Kong they can literally build ANYTHING out of bamboo. A couple of weeks ago they started setting up some bamboo in the field next to our building. To mine and Sister Knapp's amazement, they built a Chinese opera house entirely out of bamboo and tin in about 3 weeks. We now get lulled to sleep by the sweet screeches of Chinese opera and off-beat drums. It's pretty hilarious. I'll attach some pictures.

Honestly, it's hard fro me to pick just one conference talk that I loved more than the others. A really prevalent theme that stuck out for me was on focusing on the good, the hope, and the Light of the World in the "mists of darkness". When we focus on light instead of dark, our lives get brighter, better, and more full of hope. This world is still good. Especially for those that remember who they are (children of God) and remember who can help them out of any sticky spot that they have gotten themselves into (Jesus can help you!). 

I love you all and I hope you have a light filled week! 

Love, Sister Adams 

Bamboo Opera House

View from Sister Adams' house window

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