Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The One Where Sister Adams Tells Us About Her Music Filled FHE Activity

Hello Hello!

Probably only going to receive one more email from our amazing missionary and then it'll be HER updating her own blog and not me! We are all so excited to see this cutie again!

Here is her April 16th email:

Happy Easter and the Prince of Peace

This weeks was so fun! We did a lot of less-active finding and member visits in the first part of the week and then the week picked right up after that. We got two new investigators this week, Jamie and Amy. We should be getting another one next week! Super good week! God is blessing us and giving us miracles!

We had a primary activity this Friday in the morning and since our investigator, Amy, is ten years old, she was able to go. her big sister, Jamie, brought her. Amy was a little frustrated because our primary is 99% nursery but Jamie helped a lot with keeping Amy happy. We taught them the Restoration and they received it really well. Surprisingly, Amy had the most questions. She would ask questions about what would happen if someone who had the priesthood did bad things with it and similar questions to that. Super good. It's really fun to teach them because they think things through really well and ask a lot of questions but they receive it really well. They weren't able to go to church this week but they seem to have a lot of sincere interest. They came for our activity on Saturday night as well. 
The activity on Saturday night was a Music Family Home Evening. It was an awesome example of missionaries and the ward mission leader working together to make things happen. I was really happy with the way it turned out. We were able to get 5 investigators there that night and it was really fun! Sister Knapp and I presented the idea to our ward mission leader about a month ago. It was originally supposed to be a bigger deal than an FHE but because of time constraints, our ward mission leader proposed that we make it an FHE. We missionaries were in charge of making pizza, the game, and getting investigators to come. WE had some members and investigators  play hymns and it was super fun. All the members that came that night were raving about it yesterday at church. We also had a member bring a friend named Joyce to the activity. I was really grateful to our ward mission leader for making our idea come to life. It was so good that the Bishop and the ward mission leader have talked about trying to have something similar to that every month. They're really getting more excited about missionary work. Now we just need to get everyone else just as proactive! 

We should be getting a new investigator in the next week. His name is Marco. We taught him on Friday after English class because he had a question about why we were called the "latter-day saints". We took the long route to answering his question by teaching him the Restoration. He seemed to understand what we were saying really well and felt the spirit too. He is not quite certain that God exists and doesn't know much about Jesus Christ, but I think he's going to catch on really fast once the knowledge comes. He seems really sincere in his questions.

I'm really happy with the way that things are going here in Tsing Yi and I hope to be able to keep building before I have to leave it. God gives me miracles every single day and i'm grateful for them.

The message that I want to leave today is actually the video for the new Easter initiative. It's titled Prince of Peace  I just want to testify of the peace and light that Christ brings to my life. I cannot even tell you how many times hope in Christ and in the gospel has saved my happiness. I truly KNOW that Christ is the "light and life of the world". He IS the source to all happiness and peace in this world. We live in a hard world where we are attacked on every side BUT there is hope, peace, light, and protection to be found in the gospel. I have literally seen it change lives here in Hong Kong. Light will fill peoples eyes and countenances as they put their trust in Him. He lived for us. He died for us. He lives again so that we can live again and have eternal life and love. We CAN see our lost loved ones again. We CAN find peace and answers NOW. I know this to be true.

I love you all so much. Have a great week! 

Sister Adams

Sister Adams and Sister Knapp. On a hike!

Making pizza for the FHE activity with Amy and Jamie

Cute Easter food for the primary activity. Sister Knapp & Sister Adams helped make it.


  1. Awesome article written. It shows the love between them and the way they work and with each other. Beautiful dish. I love this.