Friday, March 31, 2017

The One Where Sister Mindy Tells Us About God's Hand In Her Life


I promise to have all her emails on her blog BEFORE she gets home. Might be the DAY before, but it'll be before she's back home :P

here is Sister Adams' February 26th email :)

I'm going to teach you the meaning of "Fong Fei Gei"

Hello Everybody!

How was your week? Mine was cold but still wonderful!

We had a crazy week this week! At the beginning of the week we had about 5-7 lessons planned (which is lower than normal but still pretty average) but by the end of the week we only had taught 2 lessons and turned over another of our mandarin investigators to the mandarin Elders. That means that Sister Knapp and I spent a lot of time making calls, street finding, and less-active finding. The greatest part in all of this is that although we had a ton of people cancel or just not show up for lessons, I could still see God's hand guiding this work.

Let's take Sunday for instance. We were supposed to have two investigators come to church and then we were going to teach on of them and her sister right after church, but neither of them showed up. This was actually a blessing in disguise because we had the monthly ward birthday party after church that day and there was only one room in the whole chapel that would usually be available for lessons after church and that room was now occupied by the birthday party. The birthday party was a blessing as well because it gives us missionaries the opportunity to better know our members. After the birthday party, Sister Knapp and I returned home. We'd been home for all of 5 minutes when we received a phone call from our Ward Mission Leader telling us that there is a man looking for us whose last name was Lam. We'd totally met a man with the last name of Lam on the street on Saturday and had invited him to church! He was 4 hours late but he was there nonetheless! So we rushed over to the church. When we got to the church, our Ward Mission Leader told us that the man had left but said that he would be back in a little while. So we waited for him. 

Mr. Lam never returned that day but while at the church we had a mini meeting with our Relief Society president, gave a chapel tour to a surprise walk in that lives in our area, and I got to see an old mission friend. God's hand is in the work. It's small details but He's there. I will never understand why we missionaries have to face so much rejection BUT I love it anyway because it makes things sweeter when miracles happen. Sister Knapp and I love serving in Tsing Yi and we also love the fact that we know our area SO MUCH better because we had to learn it to go finding. 

I also found this in the October 2016 edition of General Conference. It's from Elder Carl B. Cook's talk "Serve." He says, "As we serve, we draw closer to God, we come to know Him in way that we otherwise might not. Our faith in Him increases. Our problems are put into perspective. Life becomes more satisfying. Our love for others increases, as well as our desire to serve. Through this blessed process, we become more like God and we are better prepared to return to Him." I LOVED this. Because i've been trying for months to figure out how to perfectly describe what a blessing service is and how it refines us and changes us. THIS is what service does. It helps turn us into something celestial. It makes us into what we really are and helps us stay better in tune with Heavenly Father because it helps our thoughts become more like His and we truly are better prepared to return to Him.

I hope you all know how much God loves you and how much i love you! I also hope that you have a fantastic week and that you find some opportunities to serve someone this week! 

Love you all!

Sister Adams
P.S. Fong fei gei means, to not show up or to stand someone up.

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  1. Wonderful blog about your journey, family, and faith you have throughout your life. Quite different and yet impressive. Great work. Keep it up