Friday, March 31, 2017

The One Where Sister Adams Explains Her Meaning Of JOY

I only have a little over a month to catch up, everyone! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, BECAUSE I CAN'T!! SOMEONE PINCH ME!
sorry, i will settle down. i'm just REALLY excited for Sister Mindy Mint to come home :) emails just aren't the same..

Here is her February 12th email and then she just sent a little picture and message on February 19th, so i will be adding that to this post as well.

I don't know why we got set loose in Tsing Yi

Hello Everybody!

How was your week?
We love Tsing Yi! Sister Knapp (my new companion) has arrived and we're having a blast. She's from Orem, Utah. She's been here Hong Kong for 7 months and she's hilarious. Because i'm still fairly new to the area, I don't really have a great handle on everything so we are learning together. It's a little bit of a mess in a dress but we're having a good time anyway. HAHA.

We're still struggling to get a few of our investigators to schedule after all the New Years craziness but we were able to give our investigator, Yunice, a solid baptismal date this week! she's really worried about her parents and family being okay with her baptism, but she really wants to be  baptized so we are working through that. Apparently her parents have been asking her a lot of questions about tithing and callings and other things in the church. She hasn't really been taught the commandments yet so she doesn't know how to answer them but she has great faith. When we shared about obedience in relation to baptism, she bore her own testimony about how important she thought it was and seemed really willing to expect it. She'll be getting baptized on March 19th. She set her own date because she wants her boyfriend to be in tow for it. He's a member and the one that introduced her to the church. She didn't come to church this week because she needed to be with her family but if she can get to church every other week, she'll be good to go. I'm praying super hard about teaching her the commandments, that her heart will be prepared for them because I think that tithing might be a hard one for her just because of her families questions. We'll see though. I have faith that it'll be okay!

My message this week is simply about JOY. I'm sure that I've shared this before but I just love it so much and it really hits me every time that I study joy and also every time that I hear this. JOY stands for Jesus, Others, and You. I love this message because by putting Jesus and then other first, you will always have the MOST joy in your life. Really, truly, honestly. I promise you. I hope that you all have a fantastic week this week and that you get some JOY in your life!

Love you!
Sister Adams

I love Tsing Yi and I love Sister Knapp, I also love Jesus Christ. I know that the message that I share is true and that it DOES bless lives. Miracles happen and great things are coming. I hope you all have a fantastic week and that you remember to PLEASE read your scriptures and say your prayers. 

The only good picture of Sister Adams and Sister Knapp (according to Sister Adams) ;)

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