Thursday, March 16, 2017

The One Where Sister Adams Talks About Her Eventful Week

Sounds like our missionary had a great week!

Here is Mindy's February 5th email:

Another week in the life of Sister Adams

Hello Everyone!

Things are going great here in Tsing Yi! I'm super grateful that New Years is over so that our investigators will be back and the work can pick up pace again. We didn't really have very much happen as far as teaching and finding until about Friday and then people were back in Hong Kong and it was good. 

I finally got to meet one of our investigators on Friday named Sister Lo. We've been trying to schedule her since I got here but she keeps cancelling or was too busy. So, we were really excited to meet her. She's had a hard life and trusts basically no one. She also likes to talk A LOT but that's okay because I have a lot of experience with those kind of people from my days in TST. I truly think that once she starts to feel God's love for her, her whole perspective on life is going to change. So, we focused a lot of prayer and the Godhead last week. We also were able to give her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read the introduction. I'm excited to see how this works out. 

We were supposed to have a lesson with our recent convert, Miki, but she had to cancel on us and so we were down a lesson. But, then by some small miracle, our new investigator, Mr. Wan, called us and asked if we had gotten to the church yet. We were confused but said "YES!" and ran downstairs to meet him. We ended up teaching him a really powerful Restoration of the gospel lesson. It's actually really lucky that i've been studying a little bit of mandarin as well. He took the lesson really well and said that he believed it and would pray about it. So much fun to teach! He really has a strong desire to know truth. We'll have to turn him over to the Mandarin Elders, though. 

Our last lesson this week was with Yunice and Yvette. The twin sisters that used to be Ngau Tau Kok's investigators. They're really good about reading their scriptures and saying their prayers. Especially Yunice. But, we're struggling to get them to church and get them a baptismal date. I'm really hoping in the next few lessons that we can get things settled and start chipping away at their concerns. It should be good. I have a good feeling about them both. Just can't wait to see them progress!

We got to go bike riding in the Sha Tin on Saturday with some members, less-actives, and investigators! It was super fun and the perfect day for bike riding. It's finally warming up for short sleeves. My skin was NOT prepared though so i walked away with some lobster arms. HAHA! it was good to have the casual day with these investigators and especially our less-active. She is 14 and in need of whatever love and happiness that we can give her. I love serving here in Hong Kong. Even though I might not be baptizing every single week, I love being a part of other people's adventures and help them come unto Christ. 

Some interesting revelation that I received in Relief Society yesterday as we were talking about peach makers is the sentence that, a loud voice is not always the best way to be heard. I liked this thought a lot because growing up in a big family. I felt that if I wanted to be heard, I needed to be loud. Through my mission and other experiences, i've learned that that is not always the case. There's a lot to be said for the people that keep their cool and speak with kindness always, no matter the situation and I really truly hope that I can become that person. 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Adams

The biking crew

Sister Adams and her sunburn

Sister Adams and Sister Vasseur.
 Apparently Sister Vasseur got transferred to Tin Sau and Mindy will be with a Sister named, Sister Knapp. She's excited but misses Sister Vasseur. 

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