Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The One Where Mindy Tells Us About Her Apartment Problems

Still behind. Hoping to catch up today.
Shorter email today. At least she sends pictures on short email days!

Here is Sister Mindy's December 18th email:
enjoy :)


Hello Everyone!!

Are you excited for Christmas or what?!?!??! I feel like a dog with my face out the window of a car on the freeway. That is how fast time is flying for me! Everyday is an adventure though.

So, in order to explain how this last week has been, I also need to explain a bit about today's email title. As you all know, I moved apartments recently and I love it! But, it has problems... LOL! I think we finally got them all settled though. Being apartment leader is a little bit harder than you expect the calling to be. :P I'm starting to feel like moving into a new house is like getting a new companion. It takes a little time to planning, prayer, and practice before you REALLY start working together with power and unity. There's always an adjustment period. We had some shower knobs that didn't really feel like being shower knobs anymore so they stopped turning off and on the water, we had a huge "dragon" (it was actually a gecko but has been described by housemates as a dragon) attack our house, a window that likes to wave hello to the people driving past by opening itself and a couple other crazy things. BUT the bright side of all these crazy house problems is that we missionaries discovered how incredible our members are. Our apartment's landlord is actually a member and I have never seen a landlord respond so quickly and so WELL to our apartment needs. They don't just put duct tape over the problem, they fix it!

It's just been a wonderful week of proving to me how blessed I am to live in Hong Kong. The members here are faithful and loving. They (of course) have their weaknesses but they have a lot of strong suits as well and I am so grateful for their love and hard work. They truly love the missionaries and I just hope that I can help them feel a sliver of the love that I feel for them. 

I'm sorry, I'm out of time but I want you all to know that "the peace we seek is only in and through Jesus Christ." I got to watch the Christmas Devotional at church yesterday and it was incredible. I truly know that peace and joy are found in Jesus Christ. Find Him. Hold on to Him. We can't rely on the world. It's too tumultuous. It's unstable. It changes too fast. God and Jesus Christ never change. Hold fast. 

I love you all!
Sister Adams

P.S. I got new glasses. #foureyes

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