Thursday, September 1, 2016

The One Where Sister Mindy Tells Us About Teaching The Less-Actives

Slacker here, posting her email from last week! hope you enjoy :))

Hello Everyone!

We had another fantastic week of meeting with less-actives. Our less-actives have lost the feeling of the gospel or as President Uchtdorf has said once, they have stopped "hearing the music." It's not beautiful for them anymore and I feel that it's because they have stopped having a personal connection with Jesus Christ through applying the Atonement into their lives. It's interesting to think about the difference between a knowledge of Jesus Christ and having faith in Jesus Christ. A lot of my less-actives have great knowledge of Jesus Christ but they lack the faith to apply His teachings into their life and be TRUE, firm followers of Him. It's incredible to watch God bless them as they start to re-apply their faith to see them RECOGNIZE those blessings. That's my favorite part. When we sit down in a lesson with them and they say, "God answered my prayers this week." It's never how they expect God to answer them but ti's always in a way that they learn from and remember. I sometimes think that my less-actives are like Laman and Lemuel. I feel like Nephi saying, "YOU'VE SEEN SIGNS AND ANGELS!!!!! YOU'VE HAD SO MUCH EVIDENCE! WHY WON'T YOU JUST BE OBEDIENT AND BE BELIEVING!!" But then again, I find myself being a bit like Laman and Lemuel as well. God probably thinks all the time, "Sister Adams, have I ever led you astray?? Just trust me and stop resisting the things I want to teach you." We're all walking the same path back to Heavenly Father, some of us are just walking faster than others. 

On another note, Sister Villasin and I will FINALLY be starting the "Family Mission Plan" that I have been trying to get going in my ward the entire transfer. It wasn't until this week that the members have been free enough to schedule us (perks of having a companion return home). The family mission plan is basically just a piece of paper with a list of a bunch of different ways to do missionary work and a place for them to write down the goals that they set for themselves. It also comes with a spiritual message from the missionaries, with a pinch of "you can do better to follow the prophets counsel" sprinkled in. The purpose is basically to get the members to realize how easy being a missionary can be and that it truly is their responsibility as members to be bringing people into church. I understand why they're afraid. I really, truly understand because i was afraid at first too but doing missionary work will bless them and change their lives. I'm also hoping that by making them aware of what their responsibility is, they'll be able to lift each other, support each other and my ward will grow. A shocking amount of members have negative feeling towards missionary work (not necessarily about missionaries but about DOING missionary work) and an even more shocking amount don't even know that they are supposed to be doing missionary work. It was said by the prophet himself, "now is the time for members and missionaries to work together" to bring people into the church, the prophets words are God's words. Being obedient to the prophets word will ALWAYS bring blessings. Be obedient. Be courageous. "Doubt not, fear not."

I have to send my companion home this week but I jsut want to let you all know that God gives you companions because YOU need them. Not necessarily because they need you. Sister Villasin is wonderful and I'll miss her a lot. She's taught me a lot and although it's been a tough transfer, I truly learned that having "sunshine in your heart" makes all the difference. Having a happy heart, a happy way of looking at life is a choice and it's also a blessing. I encourage all of you to strive to find sunshine in your heart (it starts with gratitude). It'll change your life and your burdens will be lighter. Pray for light and you will get it. I can testify of that. I've been blessed with some of the best companions in the mission and I don't know why God loves me so much but I won't question it. I'm excited for the new things coming my way. 

Keep listening to the "music" of the gospel and keep being missionaries. I love you all so much! I am blessed to be a missionary in Hong Kong.

Love you!
Sister Adams

P.s. sorry no pictures this week. The computer i'm on doesn't have a USB port. SORRY MOM. I promise i'll send one next week.

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