Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The One Where Mindy Talks About The Sacrament

hello! here is not last week's email, but the week before. so August 14th email. no pictures this week, unfortunately! i love her message this week though, so please read!!! hope you enjoy!

Are you sharing your chair?

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for all the emails this week! i love hearing form you and i hope you know that your prayers are being heard. I feel of your love and Hong Kong has been blessed with a not TOO hot summer thus far. Thanks for keeping the weather cool ;)

Now, for the good stuff. We had a lesson yesterday in Relief Society about the Sacrament. The teacher gave an awesome object lesson and I think we could all learn from it. She picked four sisters to help her out then put a chair at the front of the room and had one sister sit in it. After sitting int he chair for a second, the teacher had the person sitting down scoot over to make room for another sister to sit down with her,  then asked the original sister, "are you comfortable?" She then repeated the process with the two remaining sisters, asking them the same question.  Each sister replied that she was comfortable, not too bothered by the other person sitting in the chair with them, it was bearable. Then she had the sister who ad been sharing the chair with the other three sisters to take a seat on her own chair and asked her, "what's more comfortable?" This sister of course replied, "sitting by myself is, of course, more comfortable." The teacher then related this to us sitting in Sacrament meeting but letting other thoughts occupy our minds and hearts while we are partaking of the Sacrament. 

Are you forcing the Savior to share a seat with your health problems, your family problems, your investigators...etc? You can still comfortably sit in Sacrament and think about the Savior and other things at the same time, but is that the best option? Is that what will bring you the most growth? I myself get too caught up in thoughts of "did my investigators make it? are they feel the spirit? i hope the lessons answer their questions later..." When i should be spending that time focusing on my Savior and how I can become more like Him. The Sacrament is a sacred time, don't share your chair. Cherish it for the saving ordinance that it is. 

On another note, what do you feel when your investigator drops you? Well, dear friends, I can tell you first hand (from lots of experience) that it feels A LOT like a break up. You're a little angry and confused. You ask yourself, "What did i do wrong? How could I have made them stay? Did i not love them enough?" You cry a little bit, or a lot. You pray a lot! You're kind of in denial and it takes a few days to recover properly. I love my investigators and I truly want to see them progress. In the end, it's their choice to accept our message or not and i'm learning to trust God's will and timing. 

I love you all. Keep sharing what you know and keep looking towards the light.

Have a great week!

Sister Adams

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