Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The One Where Mindy Had Her First Baptism!

Hello fellow readers! Sorry this post is a little later in the week. She wrote a day later than usual! Don't worry, we were just as disappointed as i know you all are for not getting a blog post on time! :P
anyway, here is this week's email. sounds like she had a WONDERFUL time this week! We Love hearing from this cute missionary every week!
enjoy :)

Trains, baptisms and 3 degrees in Hong Kong
This week rocked! I seriously love Hong Kong with my whole heart and soul. 

This week I got to be a part of my investigators baptism! I've talked a little bit about her in emails passed and she has officially taken that first step on the path to her Heavenly Father. She was glowing, it was so beautiful to watch. The ward here was also REALLY supportive and loving toward her. She was almost speechless because of the love the ward showed her. I was so proud of them all. Never forget how much of a difference the members make in helping bring someone closer to Christ. The love that she felt that day and the support the ward gave her will be instrumental in helping her endure to the end and keep traveling closer toward our Savior and our Heavenly Father. 

This week has also been the coldest weather Hong Kong has had in over 50 years. The members have been so sweet with us. Every time we call them or talk to them their always asking if we're warm enough and lending us more coats. I'm very blessed to be so loved and taken care of. I had to break out the apartment heaters and the gloves though. When I'm at the apartment, we have the heater on full blast, we're wrapped up in blankets and we're drinking warm stuff. These Hong Kong apartments are not made for this weather, but we're blessed with lots of clothing! (Thanks for the extra blanket BTW India, it turned out to be a lifesaver to me these passed couple of weeks). 

Today I got to go to the temple for the first time since leaving the MTC. We have the opportunity of going to the temple once every transfer (I know, We're incredibly spoiled missionaries) and it was such a blessing to be able to go today. There's such a strong spirit that is felt in the temple and it's incredible how different and LIGHT you feel. We've been working with a couple of a less-actives and recent converts, trying to get them to make going to the temple their goal. I'm going to give you guys the same invitation that I give them. Start small, but make the temple your goal. God gave us temples and it's an incredible blessing to us, if we have one close to us we NEED to take advantage of that. I work really close to the mission office so almost everyday I get to see different people who have travelled from all over the world just to be able to come to the Hong Kong temple. Make the temple a priority and a goal. I cannot testify enough about the blessings and peace that comes from going to the temple. 

So, trains here are basically the best way to get around the city. Sister Takahashi and I spend a lot of time on the trains (because we don't live in the area that we proselyte in). Trains during "peak hour" are my least favorite trains to catch because you have to smushed up against other people but it's a great time to share the gospel with people because they literally can't move away from you. Sister Takahashi and I have had some really fun times talking to new people on the trains and sharing about why we're here in Hong Kong and what are purpose is. Usually we get really kind reception but sometimes we'll have people straight up turn around and wave us off, or change train cars. The rejection doesn't hurt that much (it's definitely not fun though) because we just remind ourselves that we are planting seeds and that their hearts are not prepared yet. Someday, their hearts will be prepared and they'll be ready for Christ to change their lives, and we'll be there waiting. 

Yesterday, I had a trainee meeting with the other people from the MTC group (SO fun to see them again) and during one the meetings Sister Fullmer shared a quote by Elder Holland that says; "If you want to make Heavenly Father laugh, tell Him your plans!" I feel like that is so true. The plans that we make for our day the night before are NEVER the same as the day that we evaluate later the next night. Letting Heavenly Father know what are goals and our plans are is incredibly important though. If we don't tell Him our plans, we can't receive revelation as to how to fulfill that plan the best or how we can might need to change that plan to help benefit us and others the best. Tell Him your plans, but be flexible and willing to make His plan your plan. Have the faith that He will never lead you into a negative situation. He will always lead you into something better and I can honestly and truly testify of that. 

I hope that you all have an incredible week and that you remember that "Yehsou Geiduk (Jesus Christ) is VERY cool'. (My 90 year old less active pohpo says the silliest things). But seriously, He can change your life and the happiness that comes from aligning your life is something that I will never be able to properly put into words. The work is hard but the benefits are incredible. 


Sister Adams

This is Sister Mindy Mint's district in Kowloon, Hong Kong. the is in the front row towards the middle :) 

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