Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The One Where God Has A Plan For All Of Us

Hello fellow readers! Sister Mindy Mint has written us again! we absolutely LOVE that she is so good about writing. I think she knows that she would get SOOOOO much crap if she didn't write us every week! Hope you enjoy this week's email! i know we sure did :)

This week was definitely a good one, short but great. The Lord is moving His work along and I'm so incredibly blessed and grateful to be a part of it. This week I got a little sick and that makes things a little bit harder as a missionary but I'm blessed to be around some incredible people. Sister Takahashi has been great with making the food for us this week (mostly because she didn't want it to be contaminated by me) but it was a blessing to be able to have warm food, and to not have to worry about making it. She's awesome. I'm also blessed because I'm surrounded by worthy priesthood holders that were able to give me a blessing when I needed it. I'm doing much better now and I'm excited for another week of serving the Lord.
This week, our investigator passed her baptimal interview! I love seeing her progress and watching this gospel change her life. Lessons and prayers with her are always so incredible to watch because of the language barrier. It's hard to gauge how much she understands but when she gets it, you can feel it and you can see that it changed her. It's really incredible. My district leader is such a champ for doing the baptismal interview with her because I know that it couldn't have been easy for him.
This week I had numerous opportunities to teach about the Plan of Salvation. It's one of those lessons that I never get tired of studying and teaching. I love finding better ways to explain things and trying to help the people I teach to better understand it. I just marvel over how perfectly created and planned our whole existence is. I love the power that comes with knowing where you come from, who you are and where you're going. I think that one of the biggest reasons that people get so lost in this world is because they forget who they are and they forget where they are going. When we remember that we are children of God, we remember the divine potential that we have. It becomes easier to love ourselves and to love those around us. It's easier to remember what your purpose here is life is, when you remember who you are and where you're going. When we forget where we're going, we lose our eternal perspective. We forget that our actions have consequences and we forget that the worlds' opinion doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.
It was a good week of striving to remind people of this incredible plan that God has for us and about our choice to be a part of that plan. One of the purposes in this life is to choose to follow Christ, just like we choose Him in the pre-earth life. Jeremiah 1:5 is one of the scriptures that we used in a lesson this week. This scripture talks about how God had a specific plan for us even before we were born. God knew us before we were born and He knows us now. He knows what we can handle and what our full potential is. He has a specific plan for each of us and when we let Him lead us through that plan, that's when we find the most happiness. I'm still striving to reach that potential and let Him lead me but I'm grateful that the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes up the difference that I lack everyday.
I think one thing that has changed the most for me on my mission (so far) is my understanding of the Atonement and the sacrament. The sacrament means so much more to me now than is ever has before. My challenge this week is for you all to study the sacrament. Figure out what is means and what it could mean to you when you repent everyday. Your love for Sunday and the Atonement will grow, I promise.

I also got to participate is language pass-offs again this week. I have to say, those are probably one of my least favorite things to do in the week but I am grateful for them. I don't enjoy how nerve-wrecking it is to sit there, knowing full well that these missionaries know how these lessons should be taught and how they have to listen to my awful my chinese is, but I enjoy the feedback on areas where I can improve and how I can do things better. The zone leaders and my companion are always very supportive and sweet. All these little things that we do every week (trainings, language pass offs, district meetings...) are really divinely done, because they really are geared toward helping us become the best missionaries that we can be.
I hope to be able to keep improving this week and to be able to find some new investigators that are prepared and ready to hear the gospel.

Have a great week,
Sister Adams

Also, if anyone could send me a definition of what the "meridian of time" means, that would be great. #lifewithoutgoogle

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