Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The One Where Mindy Teaches Us To Search The Book Of Mormon

Hello Hello! Another week down in Mindy's mission! I love how she teaches us in her emails to us. She's such a good missionary. Sounds like she is doing AMAZING! Love this cute missionary sooo much! I hope you enjoy her email this week :)

The Power of the Book of Mormon


I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week! My week was once again filled with incredible study hours, teaching appointments, finding opportunities, and lots of faith.

So, this week, my investigator become a recent convert! She received the gift on the Holy Ghost and was confirmed as a member of The Church of Latter-Day Saints. The first thing that she said to Sister Takahashi and I after Sacrament meeting was that she could feel the power go from their hands into her spirit and she was just speechless trying to describe what that felt like. The blessing was (of course) given in Chinese and so I know that she didn't understand much about what was being said, but she felt that power and she understands the difference that having that gift will have in her life.

One of my favorite things about teaching people about the Holy Ghost is mentioning all the different roles that the Holy Ghost has in our lives. The Holy Ghost is a comforter, He helps us to feel God's love and to strengthen us in times of need. The Holy Ghost is a protector, He warns us when situations are not okay and with Him by our side daily, we have nothing to fear. The Holy Ghost is a guide, He guides us in the paths that will lead us to success and lead us back to Heavenly Father and true happiness. The Holy Ghost is a testifier, He testifies of Christ, of God and eternal truths (things that we learned in the pre-earth life that are still true today). The Holy Ghost is one of my favorite gifts that God has given us because the Holy Ghost is tangible proof that God lives and that He loves His children. If it is good it is from God and the Holy Ghost is an increbily good thing. It's a gift that EVERYONE needs and that EVERYONE can recieve.

I've been studying the Book of Mormon a lot this week because of I had to give my first training in district meeting. My topic was "How to use the Book of Mormon to teach families". My focus was on setting a pattern for finding answers. When we introduce someone to the Book of Mormon, we tell them that they can find answers to their questions in the Book of Mormon. That suggestion that we give to investigators is the same suggestion that I'm going to give to you. YOU can find the answers to your questions in the Book of Mormon. I tesify it's true because my district and I put it to the test (not that the Book of Mormon needed to be put on trial because it's God word and has changed my life). How do I manage my finances? There's an answer (look up riches in the Book of Mormon topical guide) How do I strengthen my family? How do I help my rebellious kids? (THERE ARE SO MANY ANSWERS FOR THAT ONE). The incredible thing about the Book of Mormon is that it's true. It's truly God's word and it truly is a map back to Him. The Book of Mormon is timeless, as you change, it changes to fit your needs. The words stay the same but the meanings change. You CAN find answers to your questions. Set that as a pattern in your life. When you have a question, bring it to the Book of Mormon and study it out. I can testify that you'll find answers and that you will truly become a better person because of it.

Hong Kong is the best mission in the world and I'm seriously one of Heavenly Fathers most spoiled children to be here. Keep praying. Keep serving. And Keep loving!

I love you all,

Sister Adams

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