Monday, February 29, 2016

The One Where Mindy Teaches Us That We Need To Follow Our Promptings

Shorter email this week, but that's okay :) hope you enjoy! 

"I tell them... Christ is better"

Hello Everybody!

I hope you had an incredible February. We had transfers this last week but I didn't get moved and I'm still with Sister Takahashi! Yay! The quote in my title is from an Recent Convert of ours. We were asking her if her friends and famiy had any questions or interest in learning more about her belief and she leans in and whispers (in Chinese), "They worship their ancestors." Then she leans back in her chair and says (in Chinese), "I keep telling them that worshipping ancestors has no use and that Christ is better!" It sounds even funnier in Chinese, I promise. Also, this is coming from a 70 year old Samoan Pohpo. She's hilarious. I love her to pieces.

This week was awesome! With the help of a member, Sister Takahashi and I had the opportunity of starting a new english class this week. We help moms who have no knowledge of english, learn english so they can help their kids do their homework. It was a success and we were able to share what our purpose is as missionaries. We were also able to chat with a few of them afterwards about our church a little bit more. We also exposed them to prayer and why we pray. I really think with time, this will be a really great finding tool for the "elect".

Sister Takahashi and I are starting a new story as we go around visiting members in the next couple of weeks. We are sharing the story of Abish. We try to focus on three key points to the story. 1. Abish was prepared by the Lord to be where she was at the time the Lord needed her to be there. It's so interesting that she was the only person who knew God in that household, but because of her pre-existent knowledge and faith, God was able to work miracles through her. 2. She followed promptings. She had never really had the opportunity to share the gospel before but when God gave her the opportunity, she acted on that prompting. We, too, need to act on promptings that God has given us and we need to be praying for opportunities to share the gospel. 3. Abish was there, once she had gathered everyone, to explain what was going on. Even when things didn't go the way that she wanted it to, she still followed God's prompting to touch the Queens hand and through her, thousands of people were converted and were able to hear the gospel. When we invite someone to church, or share our testimony, or a Book of Mormon things do not always go the way that we want them to. But no effort is wasted effort. As we continue to follow promptings and try to help people understand, we can change people lives and bring more people to Christ. So, we try to focus on praying for missionary opportunities, following promptings and supporting the people we invite. We also give them a list of things they can do that month to help bring more people to Christ. They have to pick at least two. We'll follow up with them every two weeks or so. We're really hoping to see some miracles as this plan unfolds.

That story is found in Alma 19 and I invite you all to read it this week and think about how you can better follow promptings and the reason why God might have prepared you to be where you specifically are today.

I love you all so much!

Sister Adams

P.S. tandem bikes are so fun!

isn't she the cutest? hahaha love this missionary so much!! 

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