Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The One Where It's The Small Things That Make A Difference

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Turning Flecks of Gold Into Nuggets of Gold


Just another week in paradise and I wouldn't have in any other way.
To start out, I would just like to mention that wearing a missionary nametag does not make you less prone to accidents, more graceful or less awkward. I am still as ungraceful, awkward and clumsy as I ever have been, but now I do it in a skirt. Every single day that I've had here in Hong Kong, I can tell you something crazy or awkward that has happened to me. This week for example, in a lesson that I had with a member and a recent convert, I spilled water all over myself and my temporary companion, Sister Ng, while I was bearing my testimony. Another day as Sister Takahashi and I were travelling home, we were riding the escalator and we hear a bang and then the escalator suddenly stops and everybody on the esculator stumbled down a a little, some of us stumbled a little harder than others to say the least... Missionary work changes your heart and your soul but it does not give you grace.

This week we had zone training which has become one of my favorite parts of the week. Because my companion is a Sister Training Leader, she has to spend a lot of times in meetings and I get to spend time with Sister Ng. We always have the funniest adventures as we struggle to navigate without our senior companions and with little knowledge of the language but it's always a good time and we always find ways to plant seeds. This month in zone training, we talked a lot about how small things can someday be turned into huge blessings.

It is really the small things that you do that lead to big changes in your life and the lives of those around you. Right now, I'm reading in the war chapters in Alma in the Book of Mormon. It's fascinating to me to read about how Moroni prepared his people for war. He does small things everyday, every war and every strategy that helps him to be the fantastic leader that he is. The pride cycle in the Book of Mormon is interesting because when the people stop doing small things like praying everyday, going to church, reading scriptures everyday, repenting everyday. That's when wars start to happen, that's when their pride causes them to ruin their government or start conflicts with their neighbors. It all starts with the small things.

We as missionaries strive to focus on the small successes of everyday as well. Every little thing that you do makes a difference. The small acts of service, such as helping someone carry something, can lead to bigger things. The small seeds of light and happiness that you plant in someone through service and sincere love for them causes people to have a better day that day and maybe even start to ask questions. Our less actives may not be coming to church now, but they might come in the future, we just need to keep visiting them and serving them. Our investigators may investigator the church for 12 years before deciding to be baptized, but we don't stop visiting them, or loving them. Everything is on the Lord's timing and He has a specific plan for us.

My challenge for you this week is to find someone that you can plant a small seed with. Visit a less active member (PLEASE, THEY REALLY NEED THE WARDS LOVE, NOT JUST THE MISSIONARIES), give someone a Book of Mormon, help your neighbor clean. I don't know what it will be for you but plant small seeds because those small seeds, over time, become incredible. Small flecks of gold have just as much worth as a bar of gold if you build up enough of them.

I love you all and I'm grateful for you love and prayers. Keep striving to know our Savior better and help others to know Him better too.

Have a great week!

Sister Adams

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