Thursday, July 14, 2016

The One Where Mindy Talks About Her Summer Missionary

Hello everyone! Here is last week's email, from July 6th. sorry i'm so behind on these! slowly catching up! haha enjoy :)

"Some things can be learned only by faith"

Hellooo Everyone!

Sorry for emailing so late this week but i got a surprise on Friday that needed to be taken care of on Monday so i had to wait until today to let you all know i'm alive and well! Happy Independence Day!

To start out, my new companion!  My companion is Sister Villasin! She's from the Phillipines and goes home at the end of this transfer (so at the end of next month) and yes, that does mean that I will be sending another missionary home! I'm blessed and obviously God has something He needs me to learn and He needs me to learn them fast. Sister Villasin is very faithful and focused. I'm really enjoying being her companion! 

Second, I have a summer missionary! This is why i couldn't email on Monday. I Needed to pick up my summer missionary from the mission office and get her started in some missionary work. Sister Villasin and I had only been companions for a day and a couple hours when we got a call telling us that we were getting two you to stay with us for two weeks. Usually, these missionaries are Hong Kong youth, ages 16-19 and they spend two weeks of their summer with us living like full-time missionaries. Some of it use it as a trial run and some of them do it because they love it. I was blessed and got a special summer missionary. Her name is Sister Lui and she's from Lehi, Utah. Her parents are from Hong Kong so she understands the language but her knowledge of gospel terms is about the same as my knowledge of things that are not gospel terms. She's  awesome and we're having fun figuring it all out.

As for the title, that's a quote from Elder Oaks in the April 2016 General Conference. He was talking about the need for opposition. We learn by experience. From making mistakes. From picking ourselves up and trying again. That being said, sometimes we don't find the answers that we are looking for. Sometimes we just have to trust God and let Him teach us how to have more faith.

I love you all. Have a great rest of your weeks!

Sister Adams

Sister Mindy and Sister Villasin

Sister Mindy and Sister Lui 

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