Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The One Where Mindy Tells Us MORE About Her Investigators

Sorry this email is 3 weeks old, but it's just been hectic. you know how life goes, right?
Here is her email way back on Jun 20. The other two are to follow. 

Weaknesses Becoming Strengths.

Hello Everyone!

How has your week been? Did you have a good Father's Day?

My week was full of ups and downs, loads of adventures and full of the Spirit, per usual. 

To start out, i don't know if i have told you much about the investigators that i am working with right now. The first is Heidi, she's ten years old and i'm at least 98% sure she has ADHD and I love her so much. She's teaching me how to be more patient, how to be a better teacher (hello object lessons!) and most importantly, how to rely on the Spirit when i teach. Heidi has a speech disability that makes it hard for Sister Mendoza and I to understand what she says to us, but through the Spirit and spending time with her, our understanding of her is at least 87% more clear (we will make it to 100%!). Her mom and older brother are both members. We've discovered that when Heidi's mom helps us teach, Heidi pays more attention and understands more. We've also seen the growth that this process has made on Sister Cheung (Heidi's mom). There's power in teaching your kids the gospel. They truly need their parents help.

Another investigator is Sister Chan. She has three daughters that are active members and hasn't really had interest until recently. One daughter is preparing for a mission and the other is studying at a BYU college. We taught her the Restoration last night and you can see the light developing in her eyes. While we were eating dinner with the Chan Family last night and Brother Chan was asking things like, "How do you even know who God is?" and "How do you know what church is true?" "there are so many churches that it's impossible to know, i haven't found my answer yet." While we were teaching, you could see the questions floating in Sister Chan's head and the answers coming to her. Her heart has been softened by her daughters' examples and it's amazing to see her start to have a desire to learn more. Sadly, Brother Chan did not have "ears to hear" and "eyes to see" quite yet. He has the questions but won't listen to the answers when they are given to him. It's sad to see but i know that God has a plan for him. 

Now, for the title, i think that one of the most satisfying things (other than seeing people you teach progress) in the mission is hearing that your weaknesses are becoming strengths. God loves us. Prayer has strength. Never give up on overcoming your weaknesses. It's worth it. Take it from someone that has so many weaknesses, through Christ we truly can overcome all weaknesses and trials. We just have to be humble, obedient, and willing to listen. 

Funny of the week: i have never eaten so many dumplings in my entire that i have the past two weeks. i'm pretty sure i won't be able to eat dumplings for a solid couple months after my mission. LOL!

i love you all so much. Don't forget to pray.

Sister Adams

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