Thursday, July 7, 2016

The One Where Mindy Uses A Bunch Of Quotation Marks In Her Email

Catching up! Here is Mindy's Jun 27th email. enjoy!

Sister Adams and Sister Mendoza

Hello Everyone!

I have to admit that i wish the title were true but mostly i'm just sweating. It's all worth it though. For those of you that have never lived somewhere that is humid, with limited AC hours, I would just like to tell you that "all wet" is not something that should have been in my vocabulary before the summer hit here in Hong Kong. But on the bright side, I have never been so grateful for AC and shade in my entire life. I am grateful that God created trees and hand-held fans and wind. "Count your blessings" my friends because i promise that you have them.

This week has been "full speed ahead." Sister Mendoza is taking on her last few weeks in Hong Kong like a champ. I am so proud of her. I'm nervous about what's going to happen when she leaves, but I trust God and I know that He's got something great in store for me and for the Tsim Sha Tsui area. I have no clue who my new companion is yet but i already know that this area doesn't know what's coming their way because the missionaries here are powerful and hard-working. 

We invited our investigator, Sister Chan, to be baptized yesterday but she wasn't willing to set a firm date. She has great respect for this church because of how it has influenced her daughters and she even came to church yesterday by herself! She wants to learn more first before she decides to be baptized. I have a strong feeling in my heart that she will be baptized though. When we first met her, she was very "whatever" about the church. She didn't feel a connection to the things that we shared and didn't really feel that it had anything to do with her. She even mentioned that getting up for church was not something that she wanted to do. But through the example of her daughters and through her gaining more knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the missionaries, i've seen in her. She shares more now. She goes to church by herself. Her prayers have improved and there's more light in her eyes. This gospel changes people. 

We shared the Plan of Salvation with her yesterday and even though I have taught that lesson a bunch of times on my mission, I still learn something new from it every time. There is never a point in this life where we can say "I have enough knowledge, I don't need to learn anymore." (2 Nephi 29!) If we aren't on the level of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ then there is still more to know. I can't help but thin of the fact that God has commanded us to gain knowledge in this life. I think that the reasons that He gave us that commandment is 1. So we can become like Him, all knowing and all powerful, and 2. So that we can make proper choices. There are many other reasons but because of the scriptures we know it is impossible to go to the Celestial Kingdom and be ignorant at the same time. By choosing not to learn, they are choosing not to go to heaven. I had so many people this week tell me that they wouldn't listen to me because I am a missionary, a stranger, from a wicked church, or various other crazy reasons and i couldn't help but think that they are depriving themselves of true happiness and infinite blessings. They are choosing to be ignorant instead of striving to learn everything that they can so that they can make proper decisions about what is truth and what is not. 

I love you all so much and I hope that you all have an amazing start to your summer. I hope that you all are striving to gain knowledge so that you too can make correct choices and become more like our Heavenly Father. 

God loves. God lives. And i know that this church is true. I know that God is guiding this work and that i am just a small part of something incredible. Miracles are happening in Hong Kong! 

Love you!

Sister Adams

Bowling like a champ
cute sister missionaries! 

Sister Mindy Mint learning how to make dumplings!

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