Thursday, December 22, 2016

The One Where Mindy Talks About Her Crazy Week

okay, gonna crank out these blog posts! I'm 5 behind. I KNOW! 5! AHHHH! i'm the worst at this... But it's all good, because my new year's resolution is to be on top of this until she's home sooo don't you worry, i won't have to do catch up for every. single. post. :)

Here is mindy's November 13th email

LOL! What?

Hello everybody!!

Was this a crazy week of what? I'm still trying to get everything resettled!

This week started out just like any other week, full of laughter, energy and ready for some finding (haha!) then on Wednesday morning we get a text from the housing Elders saying, "Good morning! Did you guys know that you guys are moving apartments tomorrow?" I quickly called them to see if they had made some sort of mistake and nope! they had not! LOL! We were getting moved to an apartment that can hold 6 sisters and the elders in my district were moving into our apartment. THE NEXT MORNING! So we spent whatever spare minute that we had the next day packing and cleaning like maniacs! Our new apartment is one that had not been opened for missionaries yet, in other words, the apartment owner left behind A TON of stuff and didn't have time to clean before he left, so we spent whatever spare minute we had deep cleaning the new apartment and unpacking our stuff. LOL! It's been a crazy week but it's still been full of laughter. I'm excited for everything to be settled down again though. 

One thing that I have learned from this experience as well as the last year of my mission is, the importance of a clean home. I cannot describe to you the HUGE difference in feeling between a clean home and a messy home. When your house/room/desk is organized and clean, you focus better, you feel the Spirit better and it's so much easier to get stuff done. Mom, i'm sorry I was so messy before. You were right to try to get me to clean up so often! I'm serious, though that small time that you spend cleaning everyday saves you time when you have to clean a little deeper later and also keeps your life in order! A clean house = a happy, spirit-filled life. 

Our investigators are doing great! i'm enjoying teaching them because they ask a lot of questions! It's been fun because with a couple of them, we're starting completely from scratch. They have no concept of a loving Heavenly Father and the development of faith is slow but every step in the right direction is a miracle. We still have not been able to get Christy a solid baptismal date. She's accepting the messages really well though! She now understands why she needs to be baptized again, she's just worried that she's not going to be prepared anytime soon. She's also worried because a lot of people tell her that we are a cult and that the Book of Mormon is a bad book. She enjoys coming to church and activities though. A new investigator that we picked up this week is a man name Alex Wong. We me him while street finding on the Hung Hom promenade. He's really nice and has a lot of questions about why there are so many church, why do people believe in Jesus and "why can't you drink coffee?!?!?!?!?!?!" It's hard to keep the lessons on track but we're learning and we're having fun with it!

I hope that you all have a fantastic week. I'm grateful for a knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father. I know that His hand is in every aspect of our lives. I know He loves you and wants to lead you. Let Him lead you.

Love You!
Sister Adams

Mindy found a CoCo's curry house in her area!! She's so excited!! 

"p.s. i <3 Sister Christensen"

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