Monday, April 25, 2016

The One With The Wise Man And The Foolish Man

Hello fellow readers! here is Mindy's email this week! enjoy :)

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man


Not much to say this week because I don't have much time but wow, this week went fast. It was Sister Takahashi's last full week here in Hong Kong so we were busy saying goodbye to people, eating food and preaching the gospel (of course!). Saying goodbye is ROUGH but I'm excited to hear of her next adventures. She leaves this thursday so you'll be hearing next Monday about my new companion.

Let's just say that the realization that I am now the only missionary in my area that has been there longer than two months is a little terrfying. Sister Takahashi has served in this area for over 11 months total in her mission and I will admit that I relied on her expertise A LOT. God knows us very well though because with Sister Takahashi being the Sister Training Leader, I've had to do a lot of the work in the area without her help, and that's probably going to be a lifesaver once she leaves. The amount of trust that God has in His missionaries is overwhelming to think about, sometimes you feel like you're not worthy of that trust but I know now that if God has called me to do something, He knows I can do it and He'll support me in my efforts.

The theme of this week (accidentally in our case, but guided by God for sure) was the story of the wise man and the foolish man from the Children's Primary song book. The wise man builds his house upon the rock and because he had that firm foundation, when the storm hits, he was safe and so was his house. The foolish man builds his house on the sand and because of that choice, when the storms hits, the foolish man loses his home. We all know how important having a home is and we should be doing everything we can to protect our homes and to make sure that we, ourselves, are built on a firm foundation so that when the storms hit our homes and our families. When temptations come, when tragedies hit, or when trials come your way, you are able to withstand anything AND help those you love withstand all those problems as well. I encourage you all the read Helamen 5:12 and 3 Nephi 14: 24-28 (? something like that) and think about how you can strength your foundation on Christ.

I love you all. I hope you all have the chance to do something amazing this week!

Love, Sister Adams

P.S. I hiked Lions Rock again this week and remembered to bring my own camera so I'll give you some pics. We were sitting on clouds today.

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