Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The One Where Mindy Talks About General Conference

Hello fellow readers/bloggers,
here is Miss Sister Mindy Mint's emails for the week! i didn't forget this week :) i hope you enjoy

Out with the cold and in with the heat
Hello Everybody!

How's everyone doing this week? 

General Conference was incredible and inspiring! I hope that all of you felt the same way! General Conference on the mission was definitely different than General Conference at home. The whole stake gathers here to watch the Conference recordings, which means that all the missionaries also gather together and we get to watch it together in English. The members watched it downstairs in the chapel in Cantonese and we, english speakers, gathered upstairs in the primary room to watch it. In between sessions, we missionaries would wander downstairs to check on investigators or to mingle with members and would eat the food that we all packed with us. It was really incredible to see people from all over the world mingling together to watch the Prophet and the Apostles preach about Christ and guide us closer to Christ. It was a spiritually and physically uplifting weekend. 

I don't know how many of you have had the opportunity to see the General Women's conference yet but WOW. That choir brought me to tears. The messages were very powerful as well but when the choir made up of girls, young women and relief society women from ALL over the world stood there and sang "I am a Child of God", I'll admit, I was in tears. I'm pretty sure the whole room was. THAT right there is EXACTLY what it means to be child of God. Everyone was equal, singing in the same language, there were women and girls holding hands, there were women with cancer, women with disabilities. It was incredible. It was beautiful. I am proud to be a child of God. I am proud to be a women. I am proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

The whole message of the General Women's Conference was about service. It talked about using your talents and gifts to do what you can for those around you. Because we are all children of God, we need to understand that we all have the same goal as every other person on this earth. Our goal, which is chose in the pre-earth life, it to become like God, Eternal and Almighty. In order to achieve that goal (which is a HUGE goal) we HAVE to have help. There is no way that we can achieve that goal on our own, we're too mortal, we're too unintelligent (sad but true) and we're too prideful. With the help of those brothers and sisters around us and with the help of our Older Brother, Jesus Christ, we can and WILL achieve that goal. We, as brothers and sisters, need to be more willing to lend a hand. We need to have more charity. We need to look for more opportunities to serve and we need to be less judgmental. This world is hard enough without all the criticism that flies around. 

My challenge to each of you this week is to join me in studying about Charity. Read some talks, read 1 Corinthians 13 and insert your name into the verses, it will show you where you have room for improvement. My second invitation is to watch the General Women's Conference and ponder about what gifts and talents you already have. Pray for ways to develop and share those gifts more. And ask Heavenly Father to help you develop more gifts. 

My funny for the week is that because General Conference is past, we missionaries can start using our air-conditioning units and the Elders are allowed to walk around without their suit coats on. This is funny because it was literally two or three weeks ago that I was still walking around with a coat, wrapped in a blanket with the heater on in my apartment and now we HAVE to have the fans on in the apartment or we die of heat. So, out with the cold heart and in with the warm hands, ready to care and ready to share what gifts we have to give. 

I love you all. Never doubt that you ARE a child of God. He's well aware of you. He's given you special, and unique talents, spend some time to think about them and I promise you'll recognize them. 

Sister Adams

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