Thursday, November 3, 2016

The One Where Sister Mindy Mint Talks About Her Favorite Season

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When am I not behind on posting her emails? ha! here is the october 9th email

           #looseyourthumbs and IT'S FALL.


Hong Kong has officially hit it's fall season and i'm in love with the weather right now. It's perfect morning exercise weather and also perfect 'finding on the street' weather. All of Hong Kong feel happier but maybe that's just me!

General Conference was wonderful and if you skipped the Saturday sessions, I encourage you all to go back and watch them. They were powerful! My title today comes from Elder Oaks' talk. He talked about the need for missionary work and gave some suggestions for getting started. The "loose your thumbs" thin is in relation to the wonderful tool social media gives us for doing missionary work. I loved how much this year testified of the Savior, the Plan of Salvation, and the Restoration. We're getting back to the very basics of our doctrine of Jesus Christ. You will find it A LOT easier to withstand adversity when your knowledge and trust in these things is sure and steadfast. We missionaries focus a lot on these things and it's helped me answer questions, and find strength that I didn't know I had. 

President Lam gave us a challenge in our mission recently. He asked us to ask EVERYONE for referrals. Literally every. single. person. that we have a conversation with. It's actually been really fun and it's been motivating Sister Christensen and I to talk to people that we normally wouldn't talk to. People actually consider it! people who straight up ignore us will stop and think about whether or not they know anyone who would be interested. We've had some huge blessings and miracles happen ever since we started doing this. I'm really excited to see what other cool things will happen this week as we continue to do this. Preach My Gospel is true and so is the calling and setting apart of church leaders. 

We got an awesome text message from our less-active, Alexandra, last night. We've been talking to her a lot recently about goals, the future, missionary work, and faith. She's gone finding with us and had a great time. The test that she sent us last night said, "Sisters, what can I do to start preparing myself to be a missionary." I was so excited!!! She's grown so much this summer. We're meeting with her tonight and will be discussing it more. I'm excited to see her progress. There's a lot that she needs to overcome and deal with before she starts but i think that once she makes the goal to go and overcomes all her testimony stumbling blocks, she'll get into the field pretty quick. She's already incredibly good at recognizing God's hand in her life and answers to her prayers. I sometimes feel like helping her and other less-actives like her was one of the reasons that God sent me to Hong Kong. I just hope we can get the ward to better support her. We're trying to get her more comfortable with the ward as a whole and not just a couple people and the missionaries. 

On another note, we had a surprise from the mandarin sisters when we walked into general conference. They had found a sweet girl name Erica who is SUPER interested in knowing more. We got to meet her and she was REALLY excited to learn that there are missionaries that speak Cantonese. She has some really good potential and we should be meeting with her again this Saturday. The blessings for opening our mouths more and asking for referrals are starting to come through and it's exciting to see because it was a long summer. 

I love you all a lot. Please go back and continue to watch Conference over and over again. We are so blessed to be in a church that has divinely called priesthood leaders. Their words are God's words so take them seriously and strive to apply them into your lives. 

Have a fantastic week!

Sister Adams

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