Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The One Where We Need to Open Our Mouths

Another amazing email from Sister Mindy Mint this week! :) She is such an amazing missionary already! Here is Week 2! Enjoy :)

This is Sister Adams and her Language training class at the MTC :)

"Open Your Mouth" MTC Week 2

Leih hou Everyone!

Thank you so much for your sweet emails, letters and Dear Elders! I'm so sorry if I don't have time to reply to you all, Mom comes first. ;) My MTC address was actually changed from the one that I put on Facebook so it took be about a week before I started getting letters and things that weren't sent to me, but I did get everything. My real address is:

Sister Mindy Lynn Adams
2009 N 900 E Unit 164 (which is the unit used in Dear Elder)
Provo UT 84602

Hopefully this helps make it so that I receive letters sooner than a week after you all send them to me. I really do enjoy hearing about life outside of the MTC so keep me updated, I don't have a lot of time to respond but I still love to hear from you. 

My brain has been a jumbled mess this week. The more Cantonese I learn, the worse my English gets (and it wasn't that great to begin with). The language is starting to come along better now though. It's not great, or even good but it is better and that's an improvement. I'm definitely better at understand what is being said than I am at speaking it. We added another 3-hour language class to our days so now we are in pure Cantonese mode for about 7 hours during the day, with a small break for dinner which I spend in a daze with Cantonese words running through my head anyway. I go to bed mentally exhausted from translating in my head all day long but I am learning a lot and the language is getting better!

I'm in love with my district and my zone. We all get along so well! The languages that are included in my zone are Cantonese, Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese. We're all from such different places, speaking different languages, and heading ALL over the world but we still have a connection that feels like a family. I don't know what it is like is other zones but I love being in my zone where people are welcoming, sweet and fun to be around, I'm honestly not surprised they were all called to Asian missions just based on how their personalities are. 

Sis McNeely and I finished teaching out first "investigator" last week (He's actually my teacher now sometimes too... it was so weird to hear him speak English). We committed him to be "baptized" on November 21. Having the Holy Ghost as the third companion in our lessons, helping us teach and helping the investigator understand, is CRUCIAL to successful lessons. I'm learning more and more just how much of a gift the Holy Ghost is to me and how grateful I am to Heavenly Father for giving all of us such a powerful too that we can use in our lives. I really hope and pray that all of you understand how important having the Holy Ghost in your life is. He is a member of the GODHEAD that gets to walk with you in your daily life if you allow Him to. If you don't understand this gift, I encourage you to buy a blank Book of Mormon and write down your question about Him in the front. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and highlight anytime the Holy Ghost is mentioned, then go back and write a small summary for yourself. I've been doing this with how I can become more personally converted in my life and it is incredible to me how much I've learned in just a week of studying, Go to the Book of Mormon with your questions. It really does relate to your lives, I gain new insights every time I study it. 

We're teaching two new investigators this week. I'm excited to see what having more than one investigator is like and how similar (if at all) the lessons will be. It'll be hard to juggle learning all the vocabulary for all the lessons, on top of stuff learned in class but it'll be good to know all of these new words. Sis. McNeely and I are getting better at teaching and planning with unity to that lessons are going a lot smoother. Unity is so important in a companionship. 

All of my Sunday lessons, personal study and devotionals have been about how I need to align my will with God's, how I need to have more sincere prayer and how I need to be more personally converted in order to help others be more personally converted. Obviously Heavenly Father is trying to tell me something ;). "Not as I will but as thou wilt..." has been something that has stuck out to me the most though these last two weeks. Heavenly Father ALWAYS has something better for us than we could ever imagine. We think we have these big dreams and things that we can accomplish but God's dreams for us are bigger, they're better and the accomplishments we gain from following God's plan for us will be so much sweeter than anything we could imagine. Don't be afraid to give it all to the Lord. EVERYTHING. Have hope, faith and trust that He'll take care of you. 

The Devotional I watched last night was by Jeffery R. Holland. It's called "Open Your Mouth". He talks about how obedience is the first law for everything and how this church is God's church, not ours. We don't get to choose who we talk to, who we share with and what rules we follow. God chooses who He needs us to teach. He's been prepping someones heart for a long time, waiting for us to be in the right place to teach them, or help them. SO OPEN YOUR MOUTH! He talks about how the "sword of spirit" and our words are the only thing that we have offensively in our Armor of God and how we need to use that or Satan has won. Satan wants us to be shy, he wants us to keep our mouth shut, he wants us to hold back the words that we know could save someones life. Don't let him win. Be BOLD. Share with others this gospel that means so much to you. That's the real show of love. If you truly love someone, you tell them the truth, even if it isn't something they want to hear, it's something they need to hear. (Just be tactful and kind about it :P) 

I love you all. I hope you all are doing well and I'm sorry I write such novels every week! 

Sister Mindy Adams

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